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About US

  Yue Yi Industrial was founded in 1991 in Taiwan to meet the market's OEM design
  and manufacture of various components with the ODE . Has a diverse product line ,
  precision CNC machining parts and metal stamping parts, and more than 20 years
  experience in the processing. We are manufacturing and processing, which covers
  the steam locomotive parts, bicycle parts, computer shaft, metal pulleys , fiber-optic
  parts, communications equipment parts, shaft-type parts, medical equipment - type
  parts, sports equipment, spare parts, spare parts of gas-liquid moving tools. Yue Yi
  strict control of industrial products, precision and quality control requirements .
  Since its establishment. @We have formed a strong network with @our @carefully
  selectedsuppliers. This network enables us to provide high-quality @components,
  at least according to the product concept of time,@ rapid provision of@ valuation
  services and samples to reach the fastest production efficiency. We are part of the
  material processing, such as carbon steel and alloy, aluminum, brass, @stainless
  steel and the customer requires a specific material. Processing diameter: 2mm To
  80mm .
  Our goal

We have been making efforts to guarantee the quality of products and lower the

  price. Our goal is to become the leader of products processing , supplying
  customers high quality products with sufficient after-sales service.
Yueyi industry No.12-12, Dongshi, Xinwu Dist., Taoyuan City 327, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : 03-477-6568 / 03-477-6968 Fax :03-477-2799 @E-Mail : yueyi.co@gmail.com
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